Why Professional Junk Removal Beats the DIY Method

Save Time and Energy

Your time is valuable, and proper junk removal and disposal can be tricky. We’ve learned a lot since our humble beginnings in 2016, so let us put our expertise to work for you!

Save Yourself from Injury or Property Damage

Our incredible team of highly trained junk haulers take the time and care to avoid injury to themselves and damage to your property.

Proper and Safe Disposal

Do you get overwhelmed knowing where, how and which kinds of plastic can be recycled? Do you know how to dispose of furniture and other durable goods? Approximately “9.7 million tons of furniture and furnishings end up in U.S. landfills each year,” (1) and we’re invested in doing our part to reduce that number. Though Colorado residents generate municipal solid waste (MSW) at similar levels to residents in other states, we recycle and divert less material from landfills.(2)(3)

However, recycling, reusing, and remanufacturing create more than 86,000 jobs and generate over $8.7 billion in economic benefits in Colorado annually, even with our low diversion rate. (4) Let us put our knowledge and partnerships to work for you, and join us in diverting waste from our state’s landfills, all while creating and sustaining jobs. (5) Through diligent sorting, efficient transporting and ethical disposal, we’re able to far exceed the industry standard, and we reuse, recycle, or donate well over 65% of the “junk” we haul.


Proper Tools and Equipment

Our teams arrive with the tools and equipment to disassemble furniture or other large items, safely remove heavy electronics or appliances and efficiently transport large loads to our warehouse for further sorting and ultimate disposal. As a bonus, our trucks are 20% larger than those of our local competitors, with each truckload totaling the equivalent of 6+ loads in your pickup truck.

Expert Knowledge and Experience

Since Nathan Schweid founded The Junk Trunk six years ago, we’ve developed expert knowledge and extensive experience dealing with relevant industry stakeholders, from coordinating with landlords and sheriffs in eviction cases to sensitively assisting families dealing with hoarders.

  • Services Offered
    • Eviction Services
    • Hoarding Help
    • Estate Clean Out
    • TV Recycling
    • Electronics Recycling
    • Construction Debris Removal
    • Appliance Removal and Disposal
    • Attic Clean Out
    • Garage Clean Out
    • Hot Tub Disposal
    • Mattress and Box Spring Disposal

Scheduling with The Junk Trunk

The first step is to schedule a date and two-hour window for our crew to arrive on location. The more information you provide upfront, the better prepared we will be to haul your junk.

Our licensed and insured team of 2–3 individuals (depending on the size of the job) will call when they’re 30 minutes away. Once onsite, they will evaluate the job details and provide upfront pricing. If you accept the quote, they will get to work loading the trucks to haul away your items.

Pricing always includes the lifting and loading from anywhere on or inside of the property. Along with complete cleanup, and the appropriate transport of items to recycling or donation centers and proper disposal. It’s only after repurposing and rehoming all that we can that any remaining items become “junk” in the conventional sense — through this extensive process of finding new homes for old memories, we’re able to greatly exceed the recycling industry standard of recycling, reusing, or donating. 


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2 https://cdphe.colorado.gov/colorado-recycling-totals
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