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Junk Removal in Denver

“My Buyers recently closed on a home. When we arrived at the property after closing, the Buyers found many items left in the home by Sellers that the Buyers don’t want.” (source 1)

A Stress-Free Sale

Most home sellers dream of a stress-free sale. In a perfect world, this would look something like this: the house gets listed, a qualified buyer magically appears, you are offered all cash, and you hand over the keys, say your final goodbyes and drive off to your new dream home.

This would be amazing, but we all know that the above scenario is far from reality. Selling a property involves many variables that directly and indirectly impact multiple parties. As a realtor and homeowner, you have to think about many steps (see graphic).

Steps to consider when selling your property

These are some of the basic considerations. However, one overlooked factor that is usually addressed at the last minute is what to do with the furniture, trash, and junk that is not moving with the former tenant/homeowner.

Items left behind

Tenants and homeowners alike don’t always leave their property in the most desirable state, so making the property appealing to potential buyers is not always easy. The way a house looks can determine how long it is going to remain on the market. A property full of clutter is harder to sell because potential buyers will focus their attention on the items left behind. A house that is cleared of trash, debris, and old furniture, increases the properties selling points and makes them more apparent.

The goal of any realtor is to help broker a deal as quickly as possible for the amount of money the sellers believe they deserve. Realtors want to sell the property as fast and as profitably as possible. One method to help achieve this end goal is to partner with a reliable donation and junk removal company.

The Junk Trunk is available to help alleviate one potential variable in the long list of items to consider when selling a property. Junk removal companies help real estate agents accelerate their sales processes.

How a Donation and Junk Removal Service Benefits you and your clients

If you’re a realtor, here are the specific ways that junk removal can help you.

The term “junk removal” can be misleading because it leads people to think that junk removal is just about removing trash. However, junk removal professionals do a lot more than that. They will undertake a variety of jobs that are necessary to make the house market-ready. Here are a few ways that junk removal can help you!

  • They will haul away old couches and broken-down freezers.
  • They will clear away piles of leaves from the yard, and haul away tree branches, and dirt.
  • They will dismantle and remove old hot tubs, sheds, and swing sets.
  • They will remove any construction debris from the property.

Common items we take that are left behind

  • Paint cans – paint seems to be one of the most common items left behind. Some people think leaving paint may excite the buyer, but it seems to be the opposite. The Junk Trunk is always asked if we take paint – which we do!
  • Food Items – It is not uncommon to find old packages, cans, and food left in cupboards. The Junk Trunk will perform a full walk through and make sure all items are removed from cabinets, closets, and pantries
  • Furniture – not everyone wants the piano that you decided to purchase or your couch that you have kept for too long. However, The Junk Trunk not only takes those items, we also help keep them out of the landfill. This is performed through our partnership with Habitat Humanity Restores and other local non-profits in the Denver Metro area.
  • Yard debris not enough time to clean up the front and backyard, the Junk Trunk goes inside and around your property and removes all items scattered around your home.


The Junk Trunk is a full-service removal company that goes inside and around your property and removes unwanted items.

Google “Junk Left in House” and examine firsthand all of the nightmare situations that have occured.

Junk Removal: How The Junk Trunk Helps


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