The Future of Junk Removal – Our Plans for 2023


2023 has begun and, like most of you, us at The Junk Trunk have been working hard to make our New Year’s goals turn into realities! Our team has been spending the past month looking back on 2022 and feeling grateful for all that we were able to accomplish throughout the year, as well as planning what we want to see happen in 2023. Let’s look at this year in review together, and take a peek at what’s to come in the future.

Preparing for The Future:

Growth and Expansion

By consistently attending networking events, spending time with our team performing training exercises, improving on standard operating procedures, and investing in additional trucks, The Junk Trunk has been growing at an exponential rate. We have showed up all over the expansive state of Colorado, connecting with realtors, interior decorators, community members, and more! From our home here in Denver, to Colorado Springs, Longmont and everywhere in between, we have been encouraged that our services are valuable and appreciated, adding fuel to our burning desire to help as many people as we can.

Our team has gained valuable new members, adding many new faces to our small business. In addition to standardized training courses, we train our employees with general life skills, lifting them up both in the workplace as well as in their everyday lives. We maximize employee’s value and skill sets, allowing us to identify talented workers capable of managing their own branches in the future. As expansion occurs, we want to make sure that future managers display love for the community and customers, which we are accomplishing through hiring, training, and promoting from within. A number of trucks have been steadily added to our fleet to accommodate our growing numbers, and we are completing more jobs than ever before! The future’s looking bright, and it is our hope to expand our services to even more cities in the years to come – Our Grand Opening in Colorado Springs is March 20th!

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Commitment to Sustainability:

Environmentally Conscious Donation Pickups

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The past year, we have tightened our focus on sustainability. There is an increased demand for trustworthy, friendly, environmentally conscious solutions to junk removal, and The Junk Trunk has certainly met those demands. A number of partners have joined us in our efforts to reduce the amount of waste ending up in our landfills. Additionally, The Junk Trunk launched its second hand store in 2023, operating out of our warehouse to rehome items that were not accepted by donation centers. We encourage customers and community members to stop by and see if we have anything you’ve been looking for. Afterall, it’s much more sustainable to shop secondhand instead of buying a brand new piece of furniture, home décor, or bucket of paint!

Going forward, we aim to be even more transparent about where your items end up by creating content with our partners, as well as adding to the list of wonderful people we work with who can take your hard to recycle items off our hands. Environmental consciousness is something we hold dear to us here at The Junk Trunk. As it is stated on our core values, “It is our organization’s objective to keep items out of our landfills. Our ability to impact our local and global community through our unique line of work is a fundamental objective of our organization.” We are proud to be doing everything we can to reduce the waste that ends up in our local landfills.

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Customer Service:

Excellent Communication and Respect

As our core value Communication states, “Respectful dialog with my teammates, our customers, and the community, regardless of circumstance, is non-negotiable. This includes body language. When your messaging matches, internally and externally, verbally and in actions, you establish a reputation as trustworthy that is beyond priceless.”

Our customer service team goes above and beyond to provide reliable communication to our clients, and have gotten to know some of you quite personally. When The Junk Trunk receives a call, we listen and do our best to get you the help you need, whether that’s scheduling a pickup, providing you with key information about our business, or letting you know your options when it comes to junk removal. Nothing makes us happier than reading the wonderful reviews our audience has left us on Google.

If you ever have a question about our company and our services, you can call, text, email us, or submit a contact form and a customer service representative will get back to you shortly. We are so thankful for your continued support, and have paid that support forward by giving back to our community through fundraisers, volunteer work, and more. We can’t wait to get involved and find more ways to give back this year. Make sure you are subscribed to our newsletter, to stay up to date on all the happenings in The Junk Trunk universe.




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