Junk Trunk Second-Hand Store

TCalling all vintage lovers and bargain shoppers: The Junk Trunk second-hand store has officially launched to help aid in our commitment to re-home lightly used vintage furniture and home goods! 

The vintage and second-hand market has exploded over recent years, driven largely by the more eco-conscious and sustainable consumption trends of Gen Z and Millenials. While much of the fanfare has focused on apparel and footwear — an industry that accounts for roughly 10% of global climate impact (1) — we’re hopeful that the destigmatization of and passion for thrifting driven by these younger consumers translates into furniture and homegoods as well; Americans throw away more than 12 tons of furniture each year, a number that is increasing and far outpacing population growth. (2) 

When our customers donate furniture or hire us to haul away junk, we often come across high-quality used furniture that our thrift and charity shop partners do not have room to hold. We’re pursuing every avenue and making best efforts to give second chances to old memories and divert quality items away from landfills, so this is the logical next step in that mission. Now that we have expanded into a warehouse and sorting facility, we’re thrilled to continue building out this side of our business with the Junk Trunk second-hand store. The Junk Trunk Second-Hand store

Where to Find The Junk Trunk Second-Hand Store

For the time being, our inventory can be found primarily in a Facebook group for The Junk Trunk Second-Hand Store, but make sure to follow us on Instagram as well for periodic flash sales and inventory updates. A cool part of the junk business is that we never know what we’ll come across on a given day, but every week we are receiving more dressers, couches, tables, chairs, artwork, and homeware odds and ends.

Whether you’re hunting for patio furniture at a discount, have just moved into a new living space and are in need of updated furniture, or you’re seeking items to complete the staging of your real estate listing — shop the Junk Trunk second-hand store and we can help! We’re so serious about finding new homes for these treasures, that we may even be able to help with local delivery.  

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2 https://newrepublic.com/article/156208/fast-furniture-environmental-fiasco