Spring Cleaning

It’s Spring Cleaning Time!

As the mountain snow melts and the end of ski season approaches, here in Colorado all signs are pointing to spring! Spring brings us blooming flowers certainly, seasonal allergies potentially, and weather warm enough to finally tackle those nagging spring cleaning projects. Want to make those projects a little easier on yourself and spring forward to the end of spring cleaning? The Junk Trunk can help! 

How Popular is Spring Cleaning?

According to the 2022 ACI National Cleaning Survey, 92% of U.S. households participate in spring cleaning, with 46% anticipating cleaning or organizing more this year compared to previous years and 47% of respondents indicating they would clean and organize as much as previous years. (1)

What Are the Origins of Spring Cleaning?

The widespread popularity of cleaning and refreshing the home extends beyond just the United States and is far from a new phenomenon. Origins in the Judeo-Christian tradition date to biblical times, according to the Book of Exodus; Thailand and a number of Southeastern Asian countries celebrate a new year in April with the holiday of Songkran, a festival of purification during which many celebrants scour their homes; Nowruz, Persian new year, is also celebrated on the first day of spring and is marked by a tradition of “khaneh tekani” (literally, “shaking the house”) during which the dust of the old year is swept away. (2)

How to Spring Clean?

Now that we know it’s more than a passing fad, you may be wondering how to spring-clean your home. First thing is first: make a plan and get organized. Like a full house clean-out or a large commercial junk removal job, any task can seem daunting until you know how to begin. Start by making a list of everything you would like to accomplish as a part of this spring clean.

Many people begin with the areas of their home that get the most use and face the most scrutiny. Prioritizing cleaning and reorganizing their kitchen (64% of respondents in the same National Cleaning Survey), bedrooms (61%), or bathrooms (59%), but take a look around your home and make your own decisions. Don’t forget those areas that you might not look at every day like attics, basements, and garages. 

Next, begin sorting through items and clutter in those spaces to see what can be donated or re-homed. Many of us have more than we need, and it’s great to begin by evaluating furniture, homegoods, appliances, clothing, and books to consider whether another family might be able to put them to better use.

We are huge proponents of giving second chances to old memories, and there are always people in need. In garages and storage areas, maybe you have extra building supplies from an indoor remodel over the winter or leftover bricks from the patio you put in a couple years ago, cans of paint or even old electronics. Whatever it is you’d like to get rid of or whatever space you hope to give a facelift, it all starts with getting rid of excess items. 

Once you’ve decided on the items you’d like removed, then it is time to get some help. Request an appointment with The Junk Trunk online, or give us a call to schedule a no-obligation quote, and we can take it from there. No matter where on your property the items are located, from the basement to the attic, yard scraps to piles in the garage, our teams will efficiently remove your unwanted items and load them into our trucks. Labor is included in our pricing, so you’ll only pay for the space the items take up in our truck. 

Unsure how to dispose of your unwanted items? We’ll handle that, too! As we are loading and after arriving back to our warehouse, we sort through the load to remove scrap metal and electronics for recycling, high-quality furniture and homegoods for donation to one of our charitable partners or for affordable resale in our second-hand store, and remaining items for ethical disposal. Our Junk Trunk guarantee is to donate and/or recycle your items whenever possible, and the landfill is our last resort. 

At the end of the job, our team will clean up after ourselves (yes, we sweep!), and leave you ready to tackle the next step in your project, whether that is deep cleaning under the rugs and shaking out the drapes or painting the walls and installing new shelving for organization. While we can’t give you the home of your dreams or keep it clean for you, we can certainly make your spring cleaning project — decluttering, the cleanout and removal of unwanted items, or whatever else it may entail — a heck of a lot easier!

Contact us today to talk through your spring cleaning plan and see how The Junk Trunk can help. What junk do you have to put in our trunk this spring? 

(1) https://www.cleaninginstitute.org/newsroom/releases/2022/2022-aci-national-cleaning-survey
(2) https://www.bobvila.com/slideshow/the-surprising-history-behind-spring-cleaning-53303


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