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What is Junk Trunk?

Our Story


What is The Junk Trunk?

we’ve come so far. You would never guess that we started out with a ’90s pickup truck.

When our Founder, Nathan Schweid, began hauling junk in 2016 with his dad’s 1998 Ford Ranger pickup truck while finishing up college at CU Boulder, his vision at the time wasn’t anything other than to help out his neighbors and save a few extra bucks along the way.

Our mission-driven approach allows us to exceed industry standards and make our customers happy

six years later...

Now, our team has evolved into a leading force within the junk removal industry. Nathan brought on his lifelong friend (and kindergarten classmate!) Joshua Musler. Josh’s extensive background in finance, accounting and consulting has helped the business go from ‘good’ to ‘extraordinary.’ Our mission-driven approach to business and how we choose to operate has led us to consistently find ways to exceed and evolve the industry standard.

Our Story - Our mission-driven approach allows us to exceed industry standards and make our customers happy
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WHat is The Junk Trunk doing Today?

Continuing to grow every day, we’re closer to our goals than ever!

With a fleet of 6 trucks, and 20+ motivated employees, The Junk Trunk is bigger and better than ever before! We are proud to have strong and passionate Customer Service representatives, an involved Community Outreach and Partnership Coordinator, and a creative Marketing team. More junk removal pick-ups are going to donation and recycling centers, thanks to a growing number of local partners who are equally as dedicated to sustainability as we are.  

It’s simple: we focus on people and our planet.

Any productive movement starts with quality people. That’s why we partner with organizations within the greater Denver community to employ members of their sober living communities, as well as finding employment opportunities for those that have recently come out of incarceration. But how do we help the planet? It’s our mission to find new homes for our customers’ old memories. We work extremely closely with Habitat for Humanity to find your items a second chance to spruce up someone else’s home.


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What is Junk Trunk What is Junk Trunk

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